Wight Computers Launch New Fit For Business “audIT”

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Newport based Wight Computers are reminding all businesses, small to large, to be mindful of Microsoft’s withdrawal of extended support in January next year for their Windows 7 operating system which some 43% of computer users in the UK are currently using. The countdown has begun, and this has prompted the innovative technology company to offer a new proactive IT support service ‘Wight Computers audIT’ to companies across the Island.

Managing director, Andrew Nordbruch said, “We’re all used to having our cars regularly serviced and when necessary putting them through an MOT check for safety and roadworthiness, but how many organisations consider the same for their computers and computer systems?” He added, “It’s vital for any size or type of commercial operation that their IT is ‘fit for business’ and that robust back-ups and a disaster recovery plan are in place. With the planned withdrawal of support for Windows 7 and other ongoing challenges such as GDPR data protection, we wanted to offer a pre-emptive review to check out the effectiveness and security of all aspects of their technology.”

The ‘Wight Computers audIT’ will comprise a detailed check of all IT within a business from the physical hardware to the operating systems, applications, databases, storage, servers and more. A one-off cost will provide a business with a thorough checklist of criteria which will be reviewed and scored, resulting in a list of recommendations for improvements. Andrew commented further, “Wight Computers have always believed that technology is there to support all businesses – from an individual entrepreneur to a team of people across various locations. We want to help them have the latest technology at their disposal but also to give them peace of mind in knowing that they are operating with systems and equipment which are fast, modern, reliable and secure.”


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