Vodafone Techstarter Social Innovation Award Fund

    open to UK-based inventors, innovators, charities, social enterprises, businesses and entrepreneurs.

    By supporting start-ups and early-stage ventures, Vodafone TechStarter aims to uncover and develop ideas to improve health, education, environmental protection and social mobility. In addition to financial awards, winners will benefit from access to industry and technology expertise from Vodafone and the Social Tech Trust, enabling them to take their innovations from prototype to market readiness. This will include coaching, commercial development support, mentorship, and investment and partnership advice.

    The 2018 fund is £300,000, to be distributed as follows:

    • Not for profit Vodafone Techstarter Award – four winners will each receive £35,000 and a 12-month programme of support and value-in-kind. Supported by Vodafone Foundation.
    • For profit Vodafone Techstarter Award - four winners will each receive £35,000 and a 12-month programme of support and value-in-kind. Supported by Vodafone UK.
    • Vodafone Techstarter Champion’s Award – two winners, voted by Vodafone employees, will each receive £10,000.


    Applications can be submitted here between 20th September and 23rd October 2018. If you know of a charity, business or individual who might be interested, please do pass them this email or ask them to visit here.

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    MP Meets Technology Company Behind Island's Intelligent Export Success

    Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely, has met with Island technology company Innovative Physics

    L-R: David Prendergast (CTO), Mike Anderson (CEO), Bob Seely (Island's MP)

    – the company responsible for bringing £15 million of investment to the Isle of Wight through their successful export business based around the use of artificial intelligence and sensor solutions.

    The company, founded 10 years ago by Mike Anderson and David Prendergast, works predominantly in the nuclear, homeland security and medical sectors providing solutions to complex problems using sensor technology, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition.

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    This Small Island Is At The Center Of An Engineering Revolution

    Most people know the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England, as an idyllic vacation destination. But it has another identity: the center of the world’s offshore wind turbine industry.

    Today, a factory on the island makes the largest serially-produced turbine blades in the world, and is at the heart of a thriving and highly-skilled engineering hub.


    The island has long history of manufacturing and engineering, stretching back to shipbuilding in the 18th and 19th centuries and including more novel items like hovercraft, helicopters, and rockets

    Today, a factory on the island makes the largest serially-produced turbine blades in the world, and is at the heart of a thriving and highly-skilled engineering hub.

    The wind turbine industry on the island has seen plenty of changes over the last 20 years as Aero Laminates became NEG Micon, then Vestas and finally the joint venture that exists today, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind.

    The company has two manufacturing sites on the island. In 2017, it also repurposed  a decommissioned oil-fired power plant on the mainland in nearby Southampton, turning it into a state-of-the-art finishing, and logistics facility. A giant barge takes wind turbine blades from the island across the water to be painted there.  

    The MHI Vestas sites have brought valuable skilled employment to an area which, like many other coastal communities in the UK and elsewhere in the world, is relatively economically deprived.

    Just as the island’s rich history of innovation benefits the wind turbine industry, the industry is making a major contribution to the region’s socio-economic development.  


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    Help and support for Island businesses to reach global markets; UK government agencies showcase opportunities at event hosted by EV Express

    Knowledge Transfer Network and Enterprise Europe Network can provide funding and high level networking for Island businesses

    Isle of Wight is “a perfect fit” for electric vehicles 

    Island businesses are being encouraged to grow by reaching global markets. More than 15 Island companies, many from the technology and marine sectors, attended an event hosted by EV Express at Newport’s Riverside Centre.

    Delegates were welcomed by Mason Murray and David Thornton from EV Express. Bruce McLelland from Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) spoke about the value of making the right connections. Businesses in the Solent region have been helped to connect with each other, with R&D centres and also new markets. He added that it is often micro SMEs that are leading advances in technology.

    Bruce McLelland from KTN commented: “I see the Island as a key part of the Solent region which is an area of immense capability. There’s a network of high class universities and indigenous SME businesses that are looking to really disrupt the system. Events like today are all about telling businesses that they are not alone. There is support from government agencies and programmes that can help businesses to connect to find the right collaborators, the right markets, find solutions to barriers resulting in companies maximising the impact and return from an innovation strategy. The KTN is the hub that guides you them to these outcomes. Today we showed some of the tools that will help to put this region in a serious competitive state nationally and internationally.”

    Lukasz Liebersbach from Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) explained how sectors like marine manufacturing and high tech industries can receive funding and support to help them grow.

    Lukasz Liebersbach commented: “Enterprise Europe Network can offer global opportunities to Island based companies. Through our network they can make international contacts and find international partners. I have been based on the Island for four months now and it has been a magnificent four months! There is a combination of fantastic leisure, interesting businesses and innovative technologies here.”

    Lukasz also spoke about how the Isle of Wight is perfectly positioned to support the growth of electric vehicle usage. Lukasz has been working with EV Express to help them grow their business which provides charging points for electric vehicles on the Isle of Wight.

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    Inspiring Tomorrow's Work Force Event (27th June - Northwood)

    A skilled and motivated workforce is the backbone of any successful company, from the single operator to the multi-national organisation. Succession planning for both replacement and growth is key for businesses in today’s challenging markets. Seeking, inspiring and nurturing the talent required to sustain and grow your company is extremely important, and the ability to access and influence the emerging career aspirations of young people offers a great way to achieve this.

    In response to this challenge, for the second year running, the Isle of Wight College are offering the opportunity for local businesses to take part in an exciting, innovative careers event. It will offer direct access to young people (16-24) in order to raise the profile of your business, promote the skills and qualities you look for in new recruits, and literally inspire those young people to work towards a career in your business/sector. It will be your chance to inspire ‘tomorrow’s workforce’.

    The Isle of Wight Technology Group look forward to presenting at the event.

    For more information, please download the PDF here.

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    Students' Research Success- IW County Press

    Four Ryde School students were at the core of radiation research.


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    "Pi and Chips for Tomorrow's Computer Programmers" - Isle of Wight County Press

    Local businesses have lent their support to a scheme aiming to create the computer programmers of the future...

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    RFEL adds new features to latest version of its award-winning ChannelCore Flex advanced Channeliser IP core

    RFEL continues to enhance its multi-award winning, advanced channeliser IP core, ChannelCore Flex™.  The latest version has many new features that ensure it continues to provide highly versatile, state-of-the-art solutions for a wide range of demanding channelisation applications such as communications, intercept, electronic warfare, security, industrial applications, COMINT, SIGINT, sonar, radio, astronomy, research and software-defined radio.  For more, please click here.

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    RFEL is now Cyber Essentials Certified

    The growing threat of cyber terrorism and commercial cyber attacks means that it is vital for companies to put measures into place to mitigate the risk from such threats. RFEL has just achieved Cyber Essential certification which demonstrates that the company has robust IT defences that are designed to combat cyber attacks. For more, please click here.

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    Launch of Isle of Wight Technology Group Website....

    We are pleased to announce that the Isle of Wight Technology Group now has a new website.

    We aim for this to be a place where:-

    • You can obtain up-to-date news articles about Technology on the Isle of Wight
    • You can access recent job posts from the Member Groups
    • You can learn about events and activities Member Groups are involved in
    • You can contact any of us to get more information about what we do or arrange a visit to visit our sites
    • You can contact any of us to arrange a visit by one of us to your School or Business

    We look forward to hearing from you.


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