Innovative Physics

About Us

Innovative Physics (IPL) research, design and develop leading edge instrumentation for the radiation monitoring market; with a focus on technologies which enable the visualisation of gamma radiation to assist with nuclear monitoring, decontamination and decommissioning.

IPL understand the importance of meeting the growing demand for accurate, portable and real-time safety and security equipment.

Our Intellectual Property portfolio includes detector and microprocessor technologies capable of detecting ionising radiation, neutron radiation and threat identification.

Our team of 10 employees on milling and 6 turning, together with dedicated QA and admin staff, is ready to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

We are always on the lookout for innovative and inspiring employees and partners for our business to work in collaboration with.

Market Sectors
  • CBRNE Detection
  • Civil Nuclear
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Homeland Secuirty and Defence
  • Environmental Protection
  • Health Physics
  • Academic

Key Technologies/ Services
  • Radiological Sensors
  • Data Management Networks for Threat Identification
  • Pattern Recognition Software/Artificial Intelligence
  • Gamma-Ray Detection, Identification and Verification
  • Bespoke Product Design for OEM Partnerships

Visit our website for more in-depth information or contact us:

Contact:    Victoria Anderson-Matthew
Tel:            +44 (0)1983 865 810
Write:       Innovative Physics Ltd.,   Landguard Manor,
                  Landguard Manor Road,   Shanklin,   Isle of Wight,
                  PO37 7JB