IFPL’s Power and Bluetooth Connects with AIX Visitors

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Visitors to AIX 2019 in Hamburg experienced the latest products from IFPL who showcased the latest power and Bluetooth connectivity products. This visibly demonstrated its commitment to deliver solutions for the passenger-led trend of wire free Personal Electronic Device (PED) connectivity. These two key products showed how passengers can experience both Bluetooth audio and cable free charging.

IFPL’s Head of Business Development Dave Phillips comments,” To address the growing trend of Bluetooth headsets, IFPL has designed the latest 3.5 mm Long Life audio jack to include Bluetooth connectivity, therefore allowing passengers to pair wirelessly or use a wired headset. Both the airline and the passenger can then select their choice of headset, with the airline also having the option to sell Bluetooth headsets on-board, therefore gaining additional ancillary revenue. This reliable Bluetooth unit is already in service with a leading airframe manufacturer.”

Phillips adds, “Powering passengers’ PEDs is now an important requirement in support of the passenger experience. Battery anxiety is recognised as an area of potential stress and concern for travellers. Therefore, IFPL’s USB and wireless charging solves this new issue.”

IFPL also demonstrated Charge to Charge technology (Patent pending). This is an innovative way to provide passengers with in-seat USB power that can be monetised by airlines. Passengers can purchase USB power during the booking process or onboard the aircraft. Additionally, the outlet can activate pop-up advertising when a PED is connected, providing further revenue opportunities.

In his first year heading up Business Development for IFPL, Phillips was impressed by the level of visitors to IFPL’s stand at AIX 2019, commenting, “It was fantastic to see so many new and existing key industry executives visit us and see our innovative Bluetooth and power products. We have a significant number of exciting leads to follow-up and I look forward to showcasing our new products at the next event.”

If you were unable to attend AIX or would like more information about IFPL’s innovative product range, please visit www.ifpl.com or email: innovate@ifpl.com