EEN & KTN Outline Support for Island Businesses

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Help and support for Island businesses to reach global markets; UK government agencies showcase opportunities at event hosted by EV Express

Delegates were welcomed by Mason Murray and David Thornton from EV Express. Bruce McLelland from Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) spoke about the value of making the right connections. Businesses in the Solent region have been helped to connect with each other, with R&D centres and also new markets. He added that it is often micro SMEs that are leading advances in technology.

Bruce McLelland from KTN commented: “I see the Island as a key part of the Solent region which is an area of immense capability. There’s a network of high class universities and indigenous SME businesses that are looking to really disrupt the system. Events like today are all about telling businesses that they are not alone. There is support from government agencies and programmes that can help businesses to connect to find the right collaborators, the right markets, find solutions to barriers resulting in companies maximising the impact and return from an innovation strategy. The KTN is the hub that guides you them to these outcomes. Today we showed some of the tools that will help to put this region in a serious competitive state nationally and internationally.”

Lukasz Liebersbach from Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) explained how sectors like marine manufacturing and high tech industries can receive funding and support to help them grow.

Lukasz Liebersbach commented: “Enterprise Europe Network can offer global opportunities to Island based companies. Through our network they can make international contacts and find international partners. I have been based on the Island for four months now and it has been a magnificent four months! There is a combination of fantastic leisure, interesting businesses and innovative technologies here.”

Lukasz also spoke about how the Isle of Wight is perfectly positioned to support the growth of electric vehicle usage. Lukasz has been working with EV Express to help them grow their business which provides charging points for electric vehicles on the Isle of Wight.


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