The group considers education at all levels to be crucial to the ongoing success of any company. Currently, companies within the group are seeking employees ranging from apprentices through graduates to experienced engineers, so it is crucial that the appropriate education systems are in place to ensure a supply of potential recruits with the necessary skill sets.



In order to ensure there is an awareness of the career opportunities afforded through technology, the group believes it is important to engage students at an early age.  Members of the group, therefore, engage with Primary and Secondary schools and colleges on the Isle of Wight to assist with learning, resources, and provision of information on engineering as a career.  Schools interested in working with members of the group should contact us, and we will arrange for one of our members to get in touch with you.


Further Education

The group is currently working with a number of further education providers to ensure they understand the requirements for appropriate skilled people on the Isle of Wight to help them develop the courses and training necessary to deliver the needs of the group’s members.



The following resources may be useful to schools and students interested in technology: