Doncasters Group

About Us

The Doncasters Group is a leading international manufacturer of performance and tolerance critical engineered components for a variety of applications in the aerospace, industrial gas turbine, specialist automotive, petrochemical, construction, industrial, and transportation markets. Doncasters excels in working with alloys and metals that are difficult to shape and form, and that are required to operate in demanding ambient conditions. The company’s unparalleled range of products and processes has been developed to offer our industry-leading customer base a broad, vertically integrated capability. Core manufacturing processes employed within the Group include precision casting, forging, fabrication, machining and production of superalloys.

Market Sectors
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial Gas Turbine
  • Transportation
  • Petrochemical
  • Turbo Charger Components
  • Construction
  • Fastener Systems
  • Superalloys

Key Technologies/ Services
  • Machining, Fabrication and Assembly
  • Forging
  • Casting
  • Superalloys
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Heat Treatment
  • Digital Radiography

    Visit our website for more in-depth information or contact us:
    Tel:              +44 (0)1983 567 611
    Write:         Doncasters Trucast,   Marlborough Road,
                        Ryde,   Isle of Wight,  PO33 1AD