Datatel Networks

About Us

2019 brings Datatel Networks into its 18th year. We have evolved and expanded over time, however, our core strategy of providing leading edge products & on-target solutions to UK, European, US and Asia Pacific customers since 2001 has remained unchanged.

In 2016 Datatel commenced providing Energy Storage Solutions, via installing BTM (Behind the Meter) Batteries fed by Solar Panels, at business users premises.

The benefit of these installations allows your business to utilise the energy stored in your Battery (as opposed to drawing from the Grid) during the “Red Zones” 4-7pm, when Grid supplied Electricity is at its most expensive. And utilise it again during the TRIAD and DUOS penalty periods.

Significantly reduced energy costs and lower carbon usage are just two things most businesses strive to achieve. If you’re looking to reduce these then please call 01983 216500 to arrange a meeting or visit our website.

    Visit our website for more in-depth information or contact us:
    Contact:     Justin Steele
    Tel:              +44 (0)1983 216 500
    Write:         Datatel Networks,   122 Pyle Street,
                        Newport,   Isle of Wight,   PO30 1JT