Welcome to the Isle of Wight Technology Group

The Isle of Wight Technology Group is formed of a variety of technology companies across the Island, ranging from small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to large multinationals. It is chaired by Dominic Ward, Engineering and Operations Director of Parlex Europe Ltd.We have a common purpose of furthering industry, promoting engineering and technology as a career path, and encouraging employment in these areas on the Isle of Wight.

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Technology companies offer a wide variety of career opportunities in a variety of disciplines, including, for example, engineering design, test and manufacturing.

Vacancies are frequently becoming available.

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The group considers education at all levels to be crucial to the ongoing success of any company. Currently, companies within the group are seeking employees ranging from apprentices through graduates to experienced engineers, so it is crucial that the appropriate education systems are in place to ensure a supply of potential recruits with the necessary skill sets.

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